3 Simple Rules for Maintaining Betta Fish Bowls

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While betta fish bowls are not the ideal environment for a betta fish, in a lot of ways they are similar to their natural habitat and can be allright for their long term survival. Although this is true, betta fish bowls do have their limitations and do need a little extra care and attention to ensure optimal living conditions for your betta fish.

Rule 1 for Maintaining Betta Fish Bowls – Maintain Excellent Water Conditions
One of the most important rules for maintaining betta fish bowls is to ensure that the water remains clean, at the correct temperature, and in good overall condition. Small betta fish bowls are limited to small quantities of water. Less water means that the water temperature for your betta fish will fluctuate more rapidly, so make sure that no direct sunlight will hit your betta fish bowl. Additionally, make sure to frequently change the water for your betta fish because smaller tanks get dirtier quickly. Waste and uneaten food accumulate and if left for too long will attract bacteria, eventually leading to a sick betta fish:(. A terrific guideline and starting point is the article Water for Betta Fish – The Perfect Setup which is required reading for anyone thinking of using betta fish bowls.

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Rule 2 for Maintaining Betta Fish Bowls – Keep his Tank Clean!
The good news about using betta fish bowls instead of larger tanks is that they are really easy to clean, but the bowls do need to be cleaned more frequently. Make sure to follow strict guidelines for feeding your betta fish to ensure that you don’t overfeed him. Keep the tank out of sunlight, since sunlight will help algae grow, possibly attracting bacteria. Make sure to follow these simple instructions for cleaning betta fish bowls.

Rule 3 for Maintaining Betta Fish Bowls – Limit his Tank-Mates
One of the downsides of using betta fish bowls instead of a larger tank is that your betta fish will need to either be solitary, or you’ll have to be especially careful in choosing one or two tank-mates that will also enjoy a smaller environment. This is for a couple of reasons. Betta fish are extremely territorial creatures. If they are placed in a small area, like the environment found in betta fish bowls, then they will become really stressed if placed with the wrong tank mates for betta fish. The second reason is that betta fish are extremely sensitive to waste, and there are a lot of other fish that have the right temprament to share a tank with your betta, but create a lot of waste that will be lethal if using a small container such as betta fish bowls. Goldfish are a perfect example of this – they don’t stress your betta out but definitely produce a ton of waste that would eventually lead to poor water conditions for your betta.

Overall, Caring for Bettas while using betta fish bowls is not that much more difficult than using a larger tank – it just requires slightly more attention. Hopefully this post has helped! Another excellent post is the article Tips for Keeping your Betta Fish in a Bowl.

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