Best Betta Care Guide

The product below have received the best reviews and comments from thousands of Betta Fish owners. I recommend you checking it out:

Betta Lovers Guide Best Overall Guide – Caring for Betta Fish by Marcus Song
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Caring for Betta Fish is the best Betta care guide on the market. It offers the most comprehensive information and is extremely well organized, informative, and is the only guide you will need to care for your Betta, feed them, breed them, and really keep them alive and happy for the longest possible time.

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These other guides are also VERY good and are worth checking out. I’ve looked at about a dozen of the best Betta care guides and these are the best of the best:

Betta Care Made Easy Best Betta Care Guide – Best Value – Betta Care Made Easy
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I strongly recommend you check out Betta Care Made Easy. What I love about this guide is that it contains comprehensive information from someone that obviously has a tremendous and very successful experience having Betta fish as pets for over 20 years.
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Taking the Mystery Out of Betta Breeding Best Betta Care Guide – Best Breeding Guide: Taking the Mystery Out of Betta Breeding
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This guide actually does something no other guide does – it teaches you how to make money doing what you love – caring for and breeding Betta fish. I found the breeding portion of this guide to be absolutely outstanding and the best out there – well worth the price of the book. I also really thought the strategies for selling Bettas (to friends, local pet stores, and much more) to be creative and I can easily see how you can make great money without too much effort. The rest of the guide has excellent strategies for caring for Betta fish, all the way from Betta fry to fully grown adults, both male and female. Overall this is an excellent guide.
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Betta Fish Secrets Best Betta Care Guide – Best Troubleshooting: Betta Fish Secrets
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The Betta Fish Secrets guide made the Best Betta Care Guide list primarily due to it’s extensive troubleshooting section. If you are having trouble with your Bettas – if they look sick, if they’ve died too young in the past, or if they just don’t look happy or don’t swim actively, then this guide is an excellent investment. The Betta Fish Secrets guide is also excellent overall, with great instruction on preparing the tank and the water, cleaning, and much more. A really well written guide that you will probably learn something from, even if you are a Betta fish expert.

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