Betta Care Made Easy Review

Betta Care Made Easy Review written by Jason Andrews
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Betta Care Made Easy Review – Introduction
Adam Short has written a really good guide about Betta Fish. It is without a doubt the best guide for the money and is around half the price of many of the other guides out there. Adam Short, the guide’s author, has been a Betta fish breeder and enthusiast for over 25 years, and his extensive experience definitely shows when reading the guide.

While I myself have been keeping and breeding Betta fish for a very long time, I was still able to learn some very interesting facts from this guide. The best thing about it is how simply Adam Short lays everything out – he gets rid of any confusion and uncertainty with his clear writing style.

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Betta Care Made Easy Review – Highlights
Some of the highlights I found and wanted to point out in this Betta Care Made Easy Review were that this guide is really good at preparing the novice Betta Fish owner for keeping a happy Betta fish. It clearly and simply lays out different strategies, thought processes, and instruction on maintaining your Betta tank, the plants and substrate inside the tank, medicines and other important things you should have in your aresenal, and much more. Some of the really effective strategies in the guide include:

* A great set of checklists for maintaining happy bettas. This includes a perfect medicine checklist, online shopping list, and aquarium checklist. Buy this stuff once and you’ll have a happy and healthy Betta for a very long time.

* The best (and worst) types of lighting for your Betta fish. I was surprised to find out that the wrong type of lighting can really annoy or even harm your Betta. When I made the change Adam Short recommends, I immediately noticed a big difference in my Bettas.

* A really simple and effective strategy for ensuring your tank never gets too hot or cold, including a complete guide to the best heaters and thermometers out there (and a way to save money buying them).

* The best way to choose a healthy, young Betta from the store. There is nothing worse than coming home from the store with a sick or older Betta fish. This happened to me the first time I bought a Betta, and I was heartbroken. Don’t let it happen to you!

* The right type of substrate and why this is so important to maintaining a clean tank. Other plants that are easy to grow and effective in cleaning the tank from ammonia and bacteria while adding oxygen back to the water.

* The five things you need to do before placing your Betta in his new tank.

If you’re like me, even if you know how to do something you can sometimes forget a single step. Betta Care Made Easy reviews a number of important items when caring for Bettas and puts them in checklist format. Since buying this guide, I’ve used their checklists for almost every aspect of caring for my Bettas and no longer forget any of the important steps involved in treating the water, keeping medicine, or anything else. For that reason alone this guide has been well worth it!

Betta Care Made Easy Review – Conclusion
If you’d like a relatively short, simple guide that is clearly written as a way to always make sure you perform the steps necessary in keeping your Betta fish healthy and happy, then this is the guide for you. It is really inexpensive (selling for only $14.77 at the time of this writing) and is well worth it. If you go through this guide once and do as it says, preparing the tank and going through all the checklists, you’ll have a very simple time looking after your Betta fish, and he will be very happy and healthy for a long time.

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