Betta Fish Secrets Review

Betta Fish Secrets Review written by Jason Andrews
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While writing this Betta Fish Secrets Review, I came to realize that the true focus of the guide is to keep your fish stress free. Doing this will prevent your Bettas from becoming sick and will have them living to a ripe old age of five or even more. Mike Worthington’s book provides a lot of good insight into how to keep these beautiful yet fragile fish safe and healthy.

Betta Fish Secrets Review – Introduction
Mike Worthington goes in depth when discussing how to maintain the proper tank conditions, water temperature, plants and substrate and much more with regards to maintaining a perfect environment for your Betta fish. His premise that 90% of problems with Betta fish start with stress due to poor living (swimming?) conditions is accurate, and he methodically goes over how to create and maintain the proper conditions.

Betta Fish Secrets Review – Highlights
The highlight of this ebook is definitely the way Mike Worthington goes through all the potential sources for stress for your Betta with easy to implement solutions on how to prevent them. I wanted to point out some of the best highlights of his guide in this Betta Fish Secrets review:

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* How to select healthy and high quality Bettas from the pet store – do this correctly and you will avoid 90% of the problems a lot of Betta fish owners have. He goes through a list of question to ask the seller which I found very helpful.

* A quick and easy checklist of everything you need before you get around to buying your Betta fish.

* A basic guide to understanding water chemistry and how to create the perfect water for your Betta every time.

* How to prepare the tank and make it ready for your Betta fish, as well as using the right water for your Betta.

* How to breed Bettas, and how to take care of their babies (Betta fry) from birth until they are fully grown.

* A terrific troubleshooting guide that helps you overcome almost every possible problem you’ll encounter while taking care of your Bettas

* much, much more…

Betta Fish Secrets Review – Conclusion
This is a solid guide that is well written, easy to understand, and written with beginners in mind. Mike Worthington really simplifies every aspect of buying, owning, and breeding Betta fish and has an excellect and clear writing style which also really helps. I recommend this ebook and think it will be enough to keep your Betta stress free, disease free, and living a very long and happy life.

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