The Safest Way to Set Up a Betta Fish Vase

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Placing a betta fish in a vase is definitely not the ideal living condition for your betta. However, if the vase is set up properly, it can become a home for a betta fish for a decent amount of time.

Don’t be deceived by the fact that a Betta’s natural environment is the water in a rice paddy – although this is shallow, it is completely open and provides enough oxygen and minerals for your betta to live a long time – a betta fish vase is in no way comparable.

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If you’re looking to maximize your Betta’s life span, then keeping him in a vase is definitely not the best thing to do. The quality of the water for betta fish will never be as good as the right type (and size) fish tank.

That said, if you absolutely must have a betta fish vase, here is the safest way to do it.

The first thing you’d like is to find as large a vase as possible for your betta fish vase. The larger the vase, the better the water conditions will be. You will still need to change your betta’s water when it gets dirty (take a look at the post Changing Betta Fish Water to know exactly when that is).

You’ll also need to make sure to thoroughly rinse and wash all rocks and the roots of the plants for your betta fish vase.

Get a small plastic planting tray and set it up so that the roots of the plant lay on the planting tray, near the top of the vase. This will prevent the roots of the plant from touching the bottom of the vase, and will also give your betta a little more space to swim. The planting tray will also prevent the plant from falling into the water.

Add one or two straws that reach out of the water (these can be hidden by the plants) – these will help oxidize the water for your betta. However, this will in no way replace the frequent water changes and water treatment that will be necessary in order to have your betta live there comfortably for any length of time.

You can add gemstones to the planting tray, or place some at the bottom of the tank. This is the final step in creating a beautiful (although not incredibly healthy) betta fish vase.

Before creating a betta fish vase, please consider that a beautiful betta fish tank is a much healthier environment for your fish, and is just as beautiful if set up properly with the right rocks and plants.

betta lovers guide

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