Betta Lovers Guide Review

Betta Lovers Guide Review written by Jason Andrews
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Betta Lovers Guide Review – Introduction
This Betta Lovers Guide Review will go through the features of the betta lovers guide and some of the best parts of the guide. As you can see by my five star rating, I am a huge fan of this guide and think it’s among the best guides money can buy. If you want your betta fish to have a long and happy life, then this is without a doubt the best guide for you.

Before writing the Betta Lovers guide review, I already had been a betta fish owner for quite a long time. I actually was just interested in picking up some additional information on the best techniques for safely and humanely breeding my existing betta fish. I have to say that not only did I learn a lot regarding breeding bettas, I was stunned at the amount of really useful and effective knowledge about betta fish that I didn’t know!

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Betta Lovers Guide Review – Highlights
Some of the highlights of this Betta Lovers Guide Review I wanted to point out regarding Marcus Song, the author, and what he writes about include:

* The perfect water temperature and how to keep your tank at this temperature at all times. This will not only keep your Betta happy, it will minimize destructive bacteria that can harm your Betta.

* A secret way to keep dangerous ammonia levels down and safe at all times, using Marcus Song’s secret “seeding method”.

* 9 Rules for acclimating your Betta to other fish, including another male Betta in the same tank! (This actually works, I’ve used his techniques and have had 100% success!)

* What to do if your Betta won’t eat. He provides a couple of ideas that I’ve had terrific success with.

* The perfect time of day to feed your Betta (proven by biologists).

* The safest and most humane way to keep your Betta from jumping out of his bowl or tank.

* A secret and really clever way to get your Betta fish to flare on command, impressing your friends and neighbors!

* An easy way to reduce the amount of water changes while maintaining a clean tank with clean water. This strategy reduced my workload tremendously! The best part of this strategy is that the plant he instructs you to grow is really easy to grow and eats up almost all the nitrates and ammonia your Betta generates.

* A 60 day risk free money back guarantee.

* Many more secrets for having happy, cheerful Betta fish that will be around for a very long time.

Betta Lovers Guide Review – Conclusion
Marcus Song has really created an amazing guide. This Betta Lovers Guide Review has nothing but great things to say about all the wonderful and time tested strategies in the Betta Lovers Guide. There is no way I could go through all the many benefits of this guide – Marcus Song’s guide has a wealth of information and the man has encyclopedic knowledge of Betta fish. If you are truly passionate about keeping your Betta fish happy and healthy, this guide is a must buy from the best author in the business!

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