How to Maintain a Clean Betta Fish Tank

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Probably the most important thing you can do to keep your betta healthy and give him a long Betta Life Span is to maintain a clean betta fish tank. A poorly maintained tank with dirty water is the number one reason your betta will get sick and die early.

In order to keep a clean betta fish tank, first determine if you have a filter or not. If you do not have a filter, the water needs to be changed frequently (the frequency is determined by the size of the tank). The best way to determine the frequency of water changing is to change the water completely and then test daily for ammonia using an ammonia testing kit. Once you find a trace of ammonia, change the water immediately. If it took you a week to find ammonia present, then you need to change the water every 5-6 days. If it took 5 days, then change the water every 3-4 days. For more detailed instruction, take a look at Water for Betta Fish. Make sure when changing the water to use some Amquel to remove chlorine. Almost all tap water is treated with chlorine and this can kill your betta if it remains in the water. Use Novaqua or Aquarisol to treat the water against fungus and parasites, and finally a teaspoon of aquarium salt which also cleans and purifies the water. You may need to adjust the pH of the water. Use cold tap water and then wait a day for the water to reach the correct water temperature for betta fish.

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A clean betta fish tank requires that you (obviously) first remove any fish from the tank. It’s best to use a fish net and do this carefully so as not to frighten your betta. Make sure you deposit your fish in water of a similar temperature that’s been treated for chlorine to keep them safe. Then, drain the original tank and everything inside it. If there are stones or gravel, make sure you wash them under running water. Take out all decorations, plants and other items from the tank. If algae is growing on the tank, try to scrub and remove as much as possible. Keep a clean betta fish tank by then washing out the tank and scrubbing thoroughly. Do not use soap because the residue can kill your betta. Even if you rinse the tank thoroughly, soap scum will eventually accumulate and may harm your fish, so it’s best not to use any soap from the onset.

Once you have a clean betta fish tank, fill it back up with water, treat the water for chlorine, parasites, etc. and then make sure the temperature is the same as the previous water (you can use your finger as an ad hoc thermometer). If using tap water, it’s best to wait until the new tank water becomes the same temperature as his existing water, but if you do not have time it’s ok to add a little hot water from the tap.

betta lovers guide

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