How to Prevent Fighting Betta Fish

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As you probably know, betta fish are called (insert country here) fighting betta fish because they’ve been bred to fight. Whether they are Siamese Fighting fish, Japanese Fighting fish, or one of the many other types of betta fish, they are all fighting betta fish.

Fighting Betta Fish – Why they Fight
Betta fish are generally extremely territorial, particularly if there are other male betta fish present. They fight to protect their territory, to make sure they have enough food, and to become the “alpha” fish if the chance for mating comes along. All male betta fish are fighting betta fish – these are heriditary qualities that you cannot control. Generally they will attack almost any fish they feel is invading their territory.

Fighting Betta Fish – Signs of a Fight
If you do place two male bettas in the same tank, you will see their fins and gills flare out. This is done to show a larger size and to demonstrate they are healthy and ready to fight. You will also see their natural colors become sharper and more vivid – another hereditary trait. While this behavior is usually saved for another competing male betta in the same area (or fish tank), you need to be very careful when introducing any other sea life into your tank. Take a look at the articles Fish that can Live with a Betta Fish and Borderline Fish that can Live with Bettas to get a good understanding of which sea creatures are compatible and which are absolutely not compatible with bettas.

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Fighting Betta Fish – Ways to Avoid a Fight
If you absolutely must keep several betta fish together, or other sea creatures that may antagonize your betta, make sure to find a way to separate them. If your tank is large enough, you can purchase or create a “fish condo”. These are plastic containers with air holes that allow all the tank water to flow through, thereby ensuring enough oxygen and clean water for your betta, while separating the betta from the other fish. It’s also wise to place some plants or other visual blockades so your male bettas cannot see each other.

Another way to keep two male bettas in the same tank is to simply place a mesh divider in the middle of the tank, separating the two males. Remeber, however that if males constantly can see each other, they will both feel stressed and protective of their area at all times. This can cause a shortening of the betta life span and can also cause some betta fish illnesses and betta diseases. It really is best to just keep two bettas in separate tanks out of sight from each other for them to be happiest and safest.

betta lovers guide

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