How to Tell a Male from a Female Betta Fish

betta lovers guideIt can be a little tricky to tell the sex of your betta fish, however there are certain characteristics that make it possible to easily figure this out. Overall, the male betta fish tends to be more colorful in order to attract a mate (although with certain species the female can also have very bright colors). They also have longer fins – most females have short fins and dull colors.

Of course, this can be deceptive because some places have been known to sell short finned male bettas as females – and then you’ll be in trouble when you drop him into the same tank as your existing male!

There are two foolproof ways to tell if your betta fish is a male or a female:

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The first is to look for a little white spot that sticks out a little from just under her belly. This is the egg spot, know as an ovipositor, from which the female releases her eggs. Females will have this spot throughout their life, starting from around when they are four months old.

The second way, which works around 90% of the time, is to put your new betta fish in a separate small container. Then put the container next to one of your male betta fish. If your new betta (the one you are testing to see if it’s female) flares, then it is definitely a male betta fish. However, if she displays vertical stripes on the side of her body, that means she’s a female.

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