How to Train your Betta Fish to do Cool Betta Tricks

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Train Your Betta Fish – Betta Tricks Introduction
Most people (myself included for a long time) are under the impression that fish are not smart creatures. I remember when I got my first betta fish how surprised I was that he began to recognize me when I walked in the door! It honestly felt like he was happy to see me! Well, after doing some research I figured out that betta fish not only recognize you and form an attachment to their owners, they are actually smart enough to learn some really amazing betta tricks. You can train your betta fish to perform some amazing betta tricks that will astound your friends!

Train Your Betta Fish – Betta Tricks Foundation
So the foundation of any betta tricks will be to train your betta fish to eat from a small, thin feeding stick. A feeding stick has a curved end that you can attach food to. At first, he may be a little intimidated or not understand what you’re doing, but eventually he’ll be willing to eat from the feeding stick. You can introduce him to the stick during his normal feeding time (check out this post for tips on feeding betta fish. Place the stick in the water and gently move it around so he smells the food. Try to avoid moving or jerking it while he is eating. Soon he’ll realize that whenever he sees the feeding stick, it’s time for dinner! Congratulations – this is the foundation for almost all the other betta tricks you can train your betta fish to do.

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Train Your Betta Fish – Betta Tricks – The Jump
One of the coolest betta tricks I’ve seen happened when a friend of mine trained his betta to jump out of his betta fish bowl and eat food from his fingers. You can train your betta fish to do this super cool betta trick with a little patience and perseverance. This is not as difficult as it sounds, since a betta fish will typically do this in the wild if they see food.

Start by using the feeding stick and constantly placing it a little closer to the surface of the water every time your betta feeds. Eventually you’ll be able to place the feeding stick right at the surface of the water. The next step is to steadily keep it just outside of the water and watch one of my favorite betta tricks – the Jump! Once your betta gets familiar with this trick, you can substitute your fingers for the feeding stick and train your betta fish to jump out of the water to eat food directly from your fingers!

Train Your Betta Fish – Betta Tricks – Other Tricks
This is just the start of all the betta tricks that are out there. You can train your Betta fish to do many more betta tricks, such as following your feeding stick and doing circles. You can even train your betta fish to swim through hoops – a really impressive feat. You can train your betta fish to chase his tail, roll over, and much more. I hope you enjoyed this introduction to some of the cool betta tricks out there. If you take the time to train your betta fish, the possibilities are endless!

betta lovers guide

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