Transporting your Betta Fish Home from the Pet Store

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One of the happiest and most exciting days for you and your betta fish is the day you transport your betta fish home! Unfortunately, this can be one of the most traumatic and dangerous days for your betta, unless you are prepared to safely bring your betta fish home.

By following the rules and advice below, you should safely and easily be able to transport your betta fish home from the pet store or breeder.

Transporting your Betta Fish Home – Don’t Use Too Much Water
One of the biggest mistakes many people make is filling up his container with too much water. Remember that for a betta fish, air is much more important than water. When filling up your container, shoot for a maximum of one third to one quarter of the container being filled with water, allowing air to fill up the remainder. This will ensure your betta cannot jump out of the container, and that water doesn’t spill out, but will still have ample room to swim. As a general rule, betta fish don’t need a tremendous amount of space to swim, so don’t worry if it seems like there is too little water – they are perfectly comfortable in this environment.

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Transporting your Betta Fish Home – The Container
Try to use a large jar as opposed to a plastic bag. Keep the top of the jar open and don’t go crazy filling it up with water. If you absolutely must use a plastic bag, then make sure to double bag it and try to use a dark, opaque bag. This will relax your betta and reduce some of the stressfulness of the move. Whatever you choose, prepare to bring a small cooler or open plastic box. Place newspaper on the bottom of the cooler, and then put your betta fish container in the center. Surround the perimeter with bubble wrap, newspaper, or some other material that will reduce some of the jarring from the ride home.

Transporting your Betta Fish Home – The Ride Home
Now that you have your betta fish comfortable and insulated from sudden movements, it’s time to prepare for the ride home. Place the cooler on the floor or secure it on the front or back seat of the car. Try to prevent the water from swooshing around too much by slowing down over bumps, not making sudden stops, taking turns slowly, and carefully navigating over railroad tracks and other obstacles. Remember that while you may be used to the motions of a car ride, your betta fish has originated from calm waters in Southeast Asia, so bumps and a lot of swooshing water are definitely stressful and intimidating for him.

By following these simple guidelines, you’ll have no trouble transporting your betta fish home safely and soundly. Remember to dispose of the water in his container when transitioning him to his new home – it will be filled with bacteria and ammonia and should generally be regarded as unclean. The above rules work well whenever you need to transport your betta fish anywhere, not just when you need to bring your new betta fish home.

betta lovers guide

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