Types of Betta Fish

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There are more than 60 types of Betta fish with a wide range of colors and tail shapes. The most popular Betta fish are the Betta Splendens (the most common type), Betta Bellica, Betta Coccina, and Betta Picta. It is beyond the scope of this post to discuss the various features among all 60+ species, but I’ve provided detailed information on the most common varieties, as well as important features such as the tail and color of many types of Betta fish.

Types of Betta Fish – Betta Splendens
Betta Splendens or Japanese fighting fish originally came from Thailand and can live for up to three years. The males reach three inches in length. They will fight and kill any other male Bettas, and have been known to kill their offspring. However, they generally are not aggressive towards other types of fish they may share a tank with.

Types of Betta Fish – Betta Bellica
Betta Bellica originally came from Malaysia and are different in appearance from the Japanese fighting fish. They have shorter fins with a heart shaped back fin. They are easily the largest and thickest of all the Betta fish. In the wild, Betta Bellica rest on leaves outside of the water. When eating, you will sometimes see the Betta Bellica jump out of the water for food (a cool trick you can teach your betta). The male is much larger and more colorful than the female.

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Types of Betta Fish – Betta Coccina
Betta Coccina came from Sumatra and is one of the smallest types of Betta fish. They are generally red or brown and will sometimes display a spot on their back. The coolest feature of the Betta Coccina is their bright blue eyes. Their bodies are thinner in size, and males and females are almost the same in height and size.

Types of Betta Fish – Betta Picta
Betta Picta is the least aggresive type of Betta fish, and is the easiest betta fish for mating. They also aren’t as colorful as their Betta cousins, and are therefore also not very popular in pet stores. With this type of Betta fish, the female Bettas sometimes fight over the males so it’s best to keep them separated if you see this happening.

Types of Betta Fish Colors
While wild fish only show strong or bright colors when agitated, Betta fish breeders have been able to make this bright coloration permanent. Generally the male Betta fish will have brighter colors and a deeper pigmentation, but again, breeders have been able to create some beautiful colors in female Bettas now too.

Some of the colors that are available in different types of Betta fish include red, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, green, bright blue, royal blue, apricot, peach, white, and albino. There are solid colored Betta fish, and some types of Betta fish are even bi-colored or multi-colored. Don’t be fooled, however…While some types of Betta fish may be labeled albino, a true albino Betta hasn’t been spotted for over 50 years.

Types of Betta Fish Tails
Besides the various colors of Betta fish, there are also numerous types of Betta fish tails. The most common (and least expensive if shopping for a Betta) is the Veil tail. On the other end of the spectrum, the halfmoon Betta is the goal many breeders work towards. The halfmoon Betta’s tail fin spreads out into a full 180 degree semi-circle, and is stunning to look at. Other tail types are the delta tail and super delta tail, the fan or round tail, spade or pin tail, double tail, comb tail, and crown tail.

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